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Nutrition Habits That Will Change Your Life

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Nutrition companies and coaches want you to believe nutrition is extremely complicated in order to sell you their overpriced coaching, plans, or supplements.

While there are some specific metrics and important things to consider, most people make the mistake of “missing the forest for the trees”. By consuming so much information (sometimes from non-credible sources like a social media influencer or someone who isn’t qualified), you can get hyper focused on small little details that don’t actually move the needle.


A few examples of this would be:


- Getting the perfect macronutrient breakdown - 51% carbs, 32% protein, 17% fats

- Supplements - “Experts'' recommend powders like ashwagandha that can reduce stress hormones

- Intense Diet Plans - things like juice cleanses or “30 day challenges”

- Medical intervention - injections, surgeries, etc.


Most of the things listed above can be helpful, however if you are eating fast food for lunch and dinner and drinking a half liter of soda every day, there aren’t enough supplements in the world that will solve those bigger problems. 


So instead, I want to teach you how to focus on filling your cup with big rocks rather than sand. If you follow some of the principles below, I can guarantee you that many of your health metrics will improve. If you are familiar with any of our Creed Fitness methodology, you know we do not make very many guarantees - and that is because there are not very many tried and true principles in the health industry.


However, the list below includes time tested habits that can help basically anyone improve their health. These are very simple to do, but difficult to maintain long enough for them to actually be effective, which is why most people reach for the “quick fixes” that most companies try to sell. The only way I am able to guarantee that these work is if you are willing to actually carry them out everyday, month after month.


Remember, we are after true life change rather than instant gratification.


5 Life Changing Nutrition Habits:


  • Protein

    • HABIT - Aim for 0.8-1 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight (i.e. a 200lb. person should try to get in 160-200 grams of protein per day) 

    • Great sources - chicken, red meat, fish, eggs, milk, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, whey protein

  • Add Some Color to Every Plate

    • HABIT - Eat 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables every day 

    • 1 serving = the size of your closed fist

    • Preferably fresh - things like a glass of orange juice doesn’t count!

  • Hydration

    • HABIT - Drink half of your bodyweight in ounces of plain water every day

    • Most Americans are chronically dehydrated and plain water helps almost every body system function more effectively

    • Notice we said plain water. Things like soda, coffee, alcohol, etc. not only don’t count, but are actually hindering your hydration levels.

  • Sugar - The Most Dangerous Drug?

    • HABIT - Reduce “added” sugars as much as possible

    • Americans are eating all-time highs of sugar and this drives obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even some cancers.

    • There is a line item on every food item label you consume with this info. Note that things like fruits and vegetables have naturally occurring sugars in them - these are ok because they are not “added”

  • Liquid Calories

    • HABIT - Eliminate liquid calories

    • Long story short, the way your body processes these versus calories you have to chew is drastically different and much more likely to be stored as fat.

    • Avoid things like soda, fruity drinks, and alcohol whenever possible



Reach out if you want some help getting started on these habits today.

-Austin Bates

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