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"I Workout So I Can Eat Whatever I Want!"

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Don't say this phrase around your Creed coach...



“I workout so I can eat whatever I want!”


This is one of our least favorite phrases to hear! 



  • It’s an unhealthy way to view exercise and nutrition - it implies that exercise is simply a means to excuse poor eating.

  • “I can eat whatever I want” implies you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want and if you're truly pursuing your health and fitness, you just can’t do that.

  • It’s not quite as simple as calories in/calories out because not all calories are created equal!

  • Calories from coke are not the same as calories from sweet potatoes or lean ground beef for example. You can’t workout and then eat like trash all the time and expect it all to balance out. 

  • Your diet affects your body in so many ways and a really hard workout won’t negate if you are constantly eating poorly.

  • Also, so often people use their apple watches, garmins or other fitness trackers to determine how many calories they have burned in a day but these trackers are wildly inaccurate when it comes to tracking your “calories burned”. There are so many factors that go into how many calories your body truly burns so these aren’t a good thing to base your diet on. 

What mindset should you have instead?

  • Stack good habits on top of other good habits

  • Don’t derail your good and healthy habit of working out with an unhealthy meal just because you think you “earned it.”

  • Food is meant to be enjoyed but eating doesn’t have to be things that taste insanely good for every single meal.

  • Try the rule of 80/20


    • Be dialed into your nutrition/fueling your body with good food a minimum of 80% of the time and enjoy treats or something you know might not be as good for you 20% of the time.

    • It’s all about balance! Maybe we’ll change the phrase to “I workout so I can eat whatever I want 20% of the time.” ;)



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