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How To See Consistent Progress At The Gym

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Feeling frustrated with your progress at the gym?



We’ve all been there!


Here are 4 key things for you to focus on in order to see that continued progress at the gym:



  • Stop stopping!
    • Lots of people go really hard at working out for a short period of time but then get tired, overly sore, injured, burnt out and then stop. 
  • Establish a workout routine that is sustainable for you!
    • Shoot to find a workout(s) you can do consistently 3x a week
  • Our programming at Creed is always mixing things up with different styles of workouts and components of fitness (strength, cardio, accessory work, etc.) so it is a great option to help you stay consistent in the gym!



  • Track your effort during your workouts (weight on certain lifts, time on workouts) so you avoid staying in your comfort zone and not seeing much progress.
  • Increase your intensity level during workouts over time.
    • Intensity is relative so don't compare your intensity level to someone else's!
    • Instead, always make sure that you are pushing yourself to that next level of intensity for you.



  • You have to let your body properly recover after workouts.
  • Sleep, water intake and diet are all huge factors that play into whether or not your body is going to recover enough for you to continue pushing yourself in workouts.
    • There is SO much that can be said about the topic of recovery. If you are interested in diving deep, our Creed coaches are here to help you with that!



  • Get some more hands-on coaching from our Creed coaches and take advantage of their knowledge and experience.
    • Ask them to check your form, give you stretches, help you with nutrition, etc. - even if you've already been going to the gym for years!
  • Coaches can provide you the accountability you need to stay on track.
    • They know when and how to push you to become better!


All this to say, if you are looking to see consistent progress in the gym - we're here to help! Reach out to us and get set up with one of our Creed coaches today!

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