Regardless of where you live, you’re bound to be able to find multiple opportunities any given weekend to participate in some sort of run. Charity runs, theme runs, runs with a unique twist (did you know in Hawaii you can participate in a run wearing nothing but your underwear?!?)…there seems to be a run for everyone in this sport! listed their Top 15 Unusual Races.  Here are our favorites from that list, plus one of our own – happening in Athens in just a couple weeks!

5.  Warrior Dash/Tough Mudder


The Warrior Dash and Tough Mudder are both national events with multiple locations and are a new breed of race that’s less about your finishing time, and more about providing a challenging experience that you can brag about later.  The Warrior Dash is a 3-4 mile event with milder obstacles (walls, mud, fire pit, etc.) while the Tough Mudder is a little more serious business.  Tough Mudder courses vary in length from seven-twelve miles and feature 17-20 obstacles that encompass everything from running up a hill while being sprayed by high pressure fire hoses to running through live electrical wires.  An estimated 20% of racers don’t finish a typical Tough Mudder event.


4. The Color Run


At the color run, participants start out in all-white, head-to-toe, and finish decked out in  a spattering of bright, dazzling color.  How it works: At each kilometer of the race, runners are blitzed by volunteers, sponsors, and staffers with a new color – 1K is yellow, 2K is blue, 3K is green…a “color extravaganza!”




3.  Krispy Kreme Challenge


Let’s start with the stats – 2.5 miles out, one dozen doughnuts in, another 2.5 miles back.  Oh, and do it in under 60 minutes.  At 2400 calories consumed per competitor, the Krispy Kreme Challenge is a gloriously gluttonous affair.  But don’t fret, it’s also a worthy charitable event (all proceeds go to the North Carolina Children’s Hospital).




2. Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend


The Happiest Place on Earth just got a whole lot sportier — with a full range of Disney-themed races, including a marathon, half-marathon, and a very “Goofy” 5K family fun run.  Tour the theme parks, collect high-fives from Disney characters, and pose for plenty of photo ops along the way.



1. Chick-fil-A Connect Half Marathon


Athens, GA will host the 1st Annual Chick-fil-A Connect Half Marathon on April 5, 2014.  Runners from across the southeast will dress up like cows, stampede the streets of the Classic City, and compete against each other for $8,200 in cash prizes.  The race benefits Athens’ own Habitat for Humanity by helping build the 80th Habitat home in the area.