Member Feedback Results


Part 1
Team Creed!

Today, we’ve got a lot of things to cover. Brace yourself. We have some updates and a couple of quick stories, and then we’ll finish with reflections over the feedback you guys gave us.

Here are a few announcements/updates to be aware of:

1. We sent out a text today about checking back in with your “go-to coach” regarding your 2017 goals. If you have a coach that you feel connected to or see more often, text that coach and let them know how you’re doing with your goals on a scale of 1-10; 10 being you’re killing it and 1 being you need help. We are here for you. You are paying us to help you get super fit and that’s what we want to help you do. Email us at if you don’t know who your coach is, but we want you to choose who you’d like to help you.

2. Thursday PM classes are cancelled at the gym because we’re doing a Chamber After Hours Event, but we are going to have 4:30pm and 5:30pm classes at Veterans Memorial. Ruthie’s going to be out there with you guys to get you sweaty and fit with an outside workout.

3. Creed 101 starts May 1st and we’re offering 25% off up to a certain point. I believe it ends April 23rd, and then it goes up to the regular price. Pretty much everyone is a great fit for 101 unless your friend or family member is at a really high level of fitness.

4. Our next Women of Creed is Sunday, April 30th at 4pm. It’s usually around an hour and a half. If you haven’t attended, I highly recommend it. The ladies are really growing in their bond together and have all had positive feedback.

Men, it’s coming. I don’t have a date for you, but it’s coming. Our male coach presence at Creed is really struggling. I’m the only full-time male coach now, but we’ve got Rob who’s been coaching with us. I’m looking for a male head coach with an extroverted personality. Keep your eyes and ears open for a male who is a leader, growth-oriented, has integrity, pushes towards excellence, and wants to be a part of a community. Those are our big core values, so send someone my way if you know anyone like that.

5. Cory and I have been working hard on Rise Nutrition, which is our business that sells protein, smart energy, fish oil, and rise food. We kept running into the same objections, the main one being “I forgot to order again.” We’re launching a subscription service to where you’re not ordering your meals each week. You’re going to subscribe to different plans and it’ll be a recurring transaction that can be paused or stopped at anytime. The chef will have their prepared menu, so you won’t be selecting specific meals. The meals will also be delivered to your front door Sunday evening after they’re prepared instead of having to pick them up at Creed.

Short stories:

1. This relates to the last call where we talked about the three stranded cord that includes you as a member, the coach for accountability, and your peers. If you have a coach and peers to hold you accountable, it’s really strong. This is based on a verse in Ecclesiastes that talks about how a three stranded cord is hard to break. Life is better in a lot of ways when you’re in community with others.

This has been on my mind when a friend who is a member had a conversation with a fellow Creed member out in the community. The guy I spoke to said he mentioned he hadn’t seen the other member in a few weeks, and the fellow member said he had been traveling and wasn’t really looking forward to getting beaten up when coming back into the gym due to being gone for a few weeks. The response from his friend was one of encouragement that explained how he understands, but reminded him how much more productive he is and how much more confident he is when he’s working out.

That’s the conversation I’m talking about. Could I have had that conversation? Yes, but you’re paying us as coaches to hold you accountable and coach you in a workout. When a friend encourages you or holds you accountable, there’s no incentive for that peer. Even though we all want what’s best for you, it’s just different coming from a peer.

Side note- in general, I encourage you to team up male-male and female-female. We live in an age where the divorce rate is over 50%, so I certainly would never want to be the source of any kind of encouragement towards any kind of inappropriate relationship. We have to guard our marriages.

2. I walked into the gym the other day and a member said “Clint, I wish I had your drive.” That was obviously a compliment, but I wanted to say “you can have this drive.” I wasn’t born this way. There have been times where I coasted until I hired a business coach who lit a fire under me.

For a time, I was frustrated with the team because I felt I wasn’t being helped to push the business as far as I wanted it to be pushed. Then I thought, how can I expect my team to grow and push forward with excellence if I’m not doing that? It was so convicting and I had to come to the awareness that I was coasting. If I was coasting, how could I expect my team to do anything other than coast? It’s easy to coast. One of my mentors, John Maxwell, says that success is always uphill. If you want to succeed in fitness goals, it’ll be uphill. It’s not an easy choice, but you have to make that decision. You can be anything you want to be, but you have to choose excellence.

Part 2
We’re back at it, gang. There are several things I want to cover regarding the feedback.

I’m very pleased with the net promoter score. This is the “how likely are you to refer us to your friends and family” score, and that number is vital to us to see how we’re doing. We had 62 responders, so thank you guys for responding to the feedback request. If you haven’t responded, you probably still have that email or you can fill out the next one that will be around October. Our net promoter score from those who responded was 9.23, which is very high.

1. There was confusion over the personal or go-to coach. We were founded as a personal training company, but exclusively switched over to group training around 2015. It was important for us to keep the one-on-one interaction, so we told members that we wanted them to have a personal coach. Shortly after that, we developed a “Tribe Touch” system on our end. We’re still doing that, but recently started backing off because we’re down to four coaches for 150 members. You all have different goals, different personality styles, and need different levels of encouragement so we’re in the process of figuring out how to give you value as members while not wearing us out. Overall, we are here for you so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

2. Many of you guys mentioned more equipment: rowers, training bars, kettle bells. I plan to make some more equipment purchases this year. We accumulated some credit card debt when we moved to this building that I want to knock out from a business standpoint before we get some more equipment, but it’s coming.

3. Better results tracking: this is what we were thinking. We’ve come up with a great solution, but it’ll require us to entirely switch our backend system. It might be a little annoying because we’ll have to ask you to download a different app and probably update your billing with a few other things, but there are some big benefits to that. There is an awesome results tracking piece to this system called Zen Planner. It’ll take the place of MindBody. This new system will allow us to put everything into one system instead of what we’re doing now, which is using multiple systems. From a business standpoint, we want everything to be slick so we can spend more time and energy on you guys.

4. Community: we love our community and the encouraging atmosphere and environment, but I believe we are more disconnected than ever before as a society. We know it’s from social media. These social media outlets intended to foster connections, but really it disconnects people in the real world. That’s one of the cool things about Creed. We’re giving people an outlet to reconnect with people. You guys talked about how much you love it and asked for more outside events that don’t include working out. I want to ask you guys, what ideas do you have for hanging out outside of the workouts? We want to know what else we can do. Shoot us an email, text us, or comment on this blog post because we’d love to hear your ideas.

5. Better music: I totally agree. Sometimes our music drives me crazy. This is a struggle for us, but you guys can help us. Bring in some titles or artists and we’ll search them and put them on the playlist. I think that we sometimes run out of ideas, but make a list and bring it in and we’ll download it. We won’t play music with a bunch of profanity because that’s not who we are, but if it’s clean then we’re good to go.

6. We had a few requests about open gym time. We don’t have a lot of opportunity for this except for that midday slot that we currently close. We used to do open gym, but then we noticed that no one would come in so we’d just sit around. In an effort to give my coaching team more rest, we decided to close during that time. I’m not totally opposed to open gym from that 1-4pm time slot, so I’d like to ask if you guys would come in for that. Email us, comment on this blog post, let us know.

7. Last thing I want to comment on are the reasons why you wouldn’t recommend Creed to friends or family. If the comments are true, you guys talked about how incredible our gym is with the community and the encouraging environment. A few examples of positive comments from members include “you save lives. Healthier people live longer” and “I truly believe it’s something that everyone would enjoy.”

If you believe that someone is better off coming to Creed than not coming to Creed, then why would you not recommend that your friends and family come with you to Creed? Here are two comments that I want to challenge you on:

A. One mentioned that it’s not really his or her business what their friends do. Let me just say this statement that I once heard. Your real friends in life are the ones that tell you the most truth. How true is that statement?

Picture a friend who is unhealthy and you know that their life would improve if they could get into Creed. If you’re not telling them that and attempting to influence them towards health, I’m going to question whether or not you’re a true friend. For example, if I’m at a networking event and looking fresh in my business attire but I have a booger in my nose, please tell me I have a booger in my nose. Do you care about your friends and family enough to tell them the truth?

B. This one was a little more common and it was about how Creed is cost prohibitive. When we first started our business in Gainesville, I had a business partner who was a good salesperson. This guy who I knew worked at Mcdonalds came in for an intro. I thought to myself that he might not have the money to join. We offered three different packages at that time, with the one day personal training per week starting at $140. I approached my partner and commented that he probably doesn’t have the money to train, and my partner said “no, he’s doing two days per week at $280.” That moment changed me. It taught me that someone will find the money to do something if they value it enough.

I want to challenge you on the thought pattern of “my friends can’t afford it.” If your friends can’t afford training, 99% of the time it’s because they don’t see it as valuable or they don’t know the benefit or value. They hear the cost, but they don’t know what you get from that. I want to encourage you guys not to just assume that money is tight because they have a lot of kids. If they have a lot of kids, then they definitely could benefit from Creed. You have to take care of yourself so you can take care of your kids.

There are people out there who need Creed. If you believe that Creed has value, we want you to spread the word. I hope you enjoyed this and please comment on some of the things we discussed like open gym and events.

We’re here for you, we love you guys, and we want to give you the absolute best that we can. With that, go get ‘em and have a great day!