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Part 2


Part 1
What’s up, gang!

It’s been a minute since I’ve jumped on one of these calls for you guys. I was in the habit of doing these calls for a while and stopped, but I’ve been feeling the urge to get these calls back. I want to be more in touch with you guys and this is an opportunity for me to do that.

I had a ton of you tell me how much value you got out of these calls when I did them consistently. I haven’t quite figured out the consistency of them yet, but I believe I’m going to start doing them every other week and see how that plays out.

I have a couple of quick announcements for you today:

1. I want to give you an opportunity to listen to these calls live and jump on to ask questions since you may have similar questions as other listeners. The question I have for you is what time of day in general would be ideal to jump on a live call? Is it early in the morning, midday, or evening?

2. Next week, we’re going to release a request for your feedback. We want to encourage you to complete that feedback form for us. It’s vital for our business because we strive to give you guys the absolute best experience we can give. We can only give you that if we know what exactly it is that you want. What are we doing well, what are we doing not so well, what would you like to see? It’s a short form, maybe 10 questions. I beg you, please fill these out so we can give you the best experience that we can.

3. I’ve got a free mastermind group that I’m starting up next week. I’m inviting you guys to it for free. I just got done with a 6 week mastermind with a local Chick-Fil-A and one of the directors said to me as I was walking out the door, “thank you for changing our lives.” I was blown away, but that is the value of coaching. I’d love for you to join me. They’re going to be on Tuesdays from 1pm to 2pm and we’re going to go for 5 weeks. We’re starting Tuesday, April 4th. There are only 12 spots available, so let me know quickly if you want to join.

4. The first quarter of 2017 is coming to an end. We’re going to be reaching out to you about your goals to see how you’re doing, and we’ll be asking you what you want to do in the next 90 days.

5. As far as our programming, we recently revolved it around Spring It On and we put a lot of attention on squat cleans, running, and leg endurance. Because that’s what we were testing in SIO, we wanted to gear our programming into improving those things. Just about everybody improved in both workouts and we were really impressed by that, so we’re going to be moving forward in that type of 4 or 6 week increment focusing on certain skills. Our next strengths that we’re focusing on are thrusters and deadlifts. We’re also going to be focused on rowing and double-unders. For the most part, the workouts are going to look and feel like our normal programming so don’t expect huge changes. Overall, I think you guys are pretty happy with the workouts in general but we are going to target ourselves towards those 4 skills in the next few weeks. Ruthie and I are the programmers on the team and we worked together on that, so that’s what we focused on.

I’m going to break this call up into 2 parts since I have to coach a shift here in a couple of minutes, but listen to part 2 (another 10 minutes or so) for some of the coaching team’s reflections over Spring It On. I just want to celebrate some of those things with you.

Listen to part 2 of this call, gang! I’ll be in touch.

Part 2
Alright, gang!

Thanks for joining part 2. I wanted to jump right in and tell you a little bit about our reflections as a team after Spring It On. Every Monday, we meet as a coaching team. The way we started our meeting this past Monday was reflecting on SIO and asking ourselves what we loved about it. We loved so many things about SIO, but I’m going to share with you the top 3:

1. The feel of community is so apparent when we do an event like that, with a group of like-minded people who are seeking to grow. One of our core values at Creed is growth, so you’re pretty much bent towards growth if you’re a member here. Our mission is to create an environment that encourages growth and excellence, and that’s who you guys are.

There’s something about being around like-minded people that’s very powerful, and we feel it in our regular classes when you show up and get yourselves out of your comfort zones. Dr. Abraham Maslow, a pioneer of the psychology world, said that you either step forward into growth or backward into safety. You can relate this to a workout, and you guys make a habit of pushing yourselves and stepping forward to get uncomfortable and induce growth.

In that community Spring It On finale setting, we get all of our classes together and it’s just powerful having all of you guys there encouraging each other. We absolutely love that about SIO.

2. We love watching you guys in the pursuit of excellence when you’re giving it your all. I love seeing everybody just laid out after your workout. You do have to use a little bit of common sense here. You can’t push that hard after every workout, which will cause you to overtrain so don’t hear me wrong here. I don’t want you to push like that for every single workout, but if you come into a workout and you’re well-rested, have eaten well, and are feeling good, you can give it your all for that workout maybe once a week and just do your very best. Excellence is about doing your very best.

3. There’s a gift that Analisa gave us, which is this really beautiful and heartfelt verse from Ecclesiastes that talks about how a three stranded cord is hard to break. That’s the idea behind our Creed logo. One strand represents you as a member of Creed, the second strand represents a coach, and the third strand represents your fellow Creeders.

The three stranded cord being hard to break represents accountability. If you’re working out alone, it’s very easy to quit on yourself. When you add a coach into the mix, you’re far less likely to quit because you’ll allow yourself to disappoint yourself easier than you’ll allow yourself to disappoint a coach. If that was the only benefit of having a coach, it’s worth it. Of course that’s not the only benefit you get from the coaches at Creed, but if it were then it’d be worth having a coach for the added value of making it harder to quit on yourself.

One of the things I’ve said about transitioning to group training from personal training is that we went from “me” to “we”. When it comes to personal training, pretty much everyone comes in with the mindset of focusing on themselves and getting to where they want to be. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we found the community aspect of being around like-minded individuals is so powerful. So, that three stranded cord has become very integral to our business. Many strong friendships have been formed at Creed and I love seeing the bonds and friendships formed at Creed. It’s not something that we planned for, but I’m so thankful that it happened because it’s a blessing.

I want to leave you with this question: have you plugged in to that third strand? I know that if you’re a member of Creed, you have the first two strands already. If I were to estimate how many members have really tapped into that third strand, my gut tells me that around 30-40% of you guys are doing that. I see a huge opportunity for 60-70% of you guys who could really use that third strand. It’s a huge blessing and it can help you. Maybe you don’t need a lot of help and are very self-motivated and self-driven, but if you are then you’re the rare person. What I’m asking you to do is to help out another member at Creed. We have about 150 members and only 4 coaches, although I think I found another male coach, but that’s still a lot of members.

Those are my takeaways. If you didn’t do Spring It On, don’t miss Fall Brawl. If you’re not all about the competition, that’s fine. The competition piece of it is secondary and the community piece is primary, so don’t miss out on our next big competition get together because it’s an awesome event and an awesome time together.

I love you guys. Thanks for listening and I’m glad you’re a part of Creed. We want to give you the best experience that we can, so don’t forget that we’ve got a feedback request coming. Please fill that out.

Until next time, gang. Creed on 3…Creed on 3… 1…2…3…Creed!