I’m in Good Shape but I’m Ready for a New Challenge

Congratulations! You’ve built a solid fitness foundation to build upon. Whether you currently run, lift, swim, or bike… let me tell you this… you’re leaving some fitness on the table.  And you’re already aware of this or you wouldn’t be reading this right now! Way to recognize this and not settle for less! Successful people constantly challenge themselves, never give in to the idea that they’re done growing, and continually seek MORE.  You’ll find MORE fitness at Creed, I can promise you.

Creed Will Push You Harder Than You Can Push Yourself

As a fitness enthusiast you understand physical and mental barriers. You’ve hit them and probably broken a few on your own. But now it’s time to BREAK THEM ALL.

You Simply Can’t Do It Alone

As much as you may think you push yourself, you’ll NEVER push as hard by yourself as you will in a group setting. Do Navy SEALS train alone?  Do football teams train alone? Does anyone elite do it alone? No. It can’t be done. To become elite, you must surround yourself with elite people. People that will squeeze the very best out of you. That will push you and encourage you to CRUSH the next set of obstacles in front of you.

The Proper Environment… The GROWTH Environment

We have meticulously created a workout environment at Creed that facilitates GROWTH. We train hard in an intense and efficient 45 minute HIIT workout that will push your abilities to the max every session. The coaching team is also happy to adjust the workout for you to achieve your specific goals.

You Need A Coach

Consider any successful person, athlete or business titan. How do they stay on track? How do they get better? Stay Motivated? Push themselves?
The answer is… THEY HAVE A COACH. That’s right. From Lebron James to the CEO of Apple, they have multiple coaches in EVERY AREA OF LIFE  in order to help them dig in and push to get results. That’s why we believe so strongly in providing our members with a strong coaching environment so that they can see and feel real results happening with EVERY workout.

Consultative Workouts

Everyone has different goals for their fitness and you need to know what they are. You also need to know WHY you want to achieve them. We call this your “why” and it’s VITAL.  Without a strong why, you won’t show up when the going gets tough. You won’t get out of bed when you’re sore. And you won’t do what you need to do to truly succeed LONG TERM. At Creed, we have a process for helping you get to your why… it takes some digging.

Even though we workout in a group setting, we tailor the workouts with your goals, past injuries, and current fitness level in mind.

In summary, HAVE NO FEAR in trying us out!  You’ll be in good hands as you try 3 free workouts on us and discuss with our coaches the best way to tackle your fitness goals. Best of all, there will be ZERO PRESSURE. We know that Creed isn’t for everyone, but those who choose it have found their fitness home and look forward to working hard alongside their newfound community at every workout.

If Creed sounds like the next best step for you, choose a class in the calendar below and sign up for your first workout for free. From there we can discuss your goals and get you moving in the right direction.


-Coach Clint, Founder

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