Member Stories

Our community fuels growth and excellence.


Alysen Heil

From couch potato to Creed Fitness Fall Brawl winner, Alysen has seen huge changes in the way she views life and her body.

She has the right mindset, and she is here to inspire us all to continue showing up. To continue pressing forward. To continue coming to the gym even though the workouts are hard. To start moving if you’ve been sitting stagnant. To invest time and effort into accomplishing goals. And, to step out of our comfort zones.

Enjoy listening to Alysen’s story, just like we enjoy working out alongside her and seeing her push through challenging workouts to become better.

Mike and Cathy

Mike and Cathy inspire us (coaches and members alike) inside the gym by how they pursue fitness together.

Together they graduated from our Creed 101 class. Together they sweat through workouts. Together they encourage other members. Together they hold each other accountable.

Their relationship inside the gym is only a small glimpse into everyday life, but we believe their relationship is growing deeper everyday – through the good and the hard. Thank you Mike and Cathy for sharing about your journey and for being a part of our Creed family.

Couples, as us about our family discount to sweat together – we want to see your relationship grow in fitness!

Hasan Ali

Hasan Ali admittedly hates working out, and always has. The interesting thing is, Hasan has been a consistent member of ours since January 2014.

Hasan shows up at Creed anyway – there’s obviously something different about his Creed experience than any other gym experience, which has helped keep him consistent. Over time, the coaches have noticed a big improvement not only in Hasan’s physical strength but also his mental strength.



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