Meet Liz McMullan.

Liz has been working out at Creed since April 2014. Ruthie, Liz’s trainer says, “her drive to improve is high and her consistency is what has helped her see results. She has stayed the course.”

We asked Liz a couple of questions to help you get to know her better (see her answers below), and Liz’s favorite favorite exercise might be dead-lift because she can lift more than she used to weigh. Congrats on your healthy lifestyle Liz!


Why did you want to join Creed Fitness?

I decided to join Creed because, after 10+ years of doing the same exercise, eating the same terrible diet and watching my weight creep up, I realized that I had to try something different. I was the personification of that adage about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I read about the importance of lifting weights, especially for women, but had no idea where to start. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give Creed a shot. Best decision I ever made for my health and fitness!

What were your fitness goals?

My #1 goal when I first joined Creed was to lose weight but I also wanted to be stronger, healthier and get in control of my nutrition. I was close to 200 pounds with zero muscle, stress eating around the clock, and increasingly depressed about being so out of shape. I really wanted to be able to keep up with my 3 young children and set a good example for them about the importance of fitness and nutrition.

What was it that kind of “clicked” for you to unleash the big time results you’ve experienced?

When I started at Creed, I worked hard at the exercise but, a couple months in, I was still clinging to my horrible eating. I’d made a few minor dietary changes but was really fighting making real changes to my nutrition. Around this time, my family went on vacation and, after a few days, I ran out of all my healthy food and reverted to eating and drinking the same junk I’d eaten for years. One day, as I started to crack open my 4th can of soda for the day, something in me just said “what are you doing? Stop doing what you know is bad for you and commit to your own health!!!” When I got back in town, I said to my trainer “Okay, I’m all in.” Since then, my motto has been “just do whatever Ruthie (and all the Creed coaches) say.”

Even when I made the commitment and got on board with the program, it still took a while to see results. My trainer kept telling me to just stick with it and I did. I just took it one meal, one healthy snack, one workout at a time. I admit, I got frustrated but I just kept at it. I didn’t want a quick fix – I wanted a healthy lifestyle. I was willing to take the slow and steady route if it meant lasting results.

After a while, the scale started to move in the direction I wanted it to. My pants started to get looser at the waist while my shirts got a little tighter across the shoulders. I noticed that I could do more in my workouts, I had more energy outside the gym, I was sleeping better and my lower back didn’t ache all the time. It didn’t happen overnight, it took weeks and months of consistency, hard work, falling but picking myself right back up again. It’s never too late to be the fit, healthy person you want to be. You’re never too old or too out of shape. And you don’t have to do it alone. I literally could never have done it without the support of my Creed.

How do you think Creed is different from other gyms?

What makes Creed different is the people. The trainers are knowledgeable and caring. The members are very supportive of each other. The classes are fairly small so you get to know each other really well. It helps keep you accountable but it also makes classes fun. Even when you’re doing an exercise that might not be your favorite, you know that your Creed is right there with you, cheering you on, working hard with you!

The trainers also excel at making sure that everyone in class gets a workout that is both challenging for them individually but at the same time allows them to be successful. For example, if the workout calls for push-ups, you will see every modification of the push-up, from someone performing eccentric push-ups on their knees to someone doing push-ups on their toes with a weight plate (or several!) on their back. And the person with the plate on their back is genuinely excited for the person who just performed their first ever push-up.

What is your favorite thing about Creed?

My favorite thing about Creed is how individualized it is. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ program as no two people’s fitness journey is the same. From the one on one nutrition coaching to the attention the trainers pay to every person who comes to class, you never feel like just another face in the crowd at Creed. I also love the workouts themselves. Classes are around 45 minutes long, easy to fit into a busy schedule, and are always challenging and incredibly effective.

What would you say to people who are thinking about joining a gym?

Don’t just pick the cheapest gym. Find a gym that is more than just a building with some gym equipment and loud music in it. Find a gym with qualified trainers who care about you, who know about fitness AND nutrition; a gym where the members support each other; a gym with trainers who actually know your name and want you to come to class, trainers who not only know what your goals are and help you achieve them but actually CARE that you achieve them. Basically: just come to Creed!!