Team Creed!

I hope you’re as incredible as I am. Today, we’ve got something fun to talk to you about. There’s this theme that’s been coming up in my life for about a week or two. Before I jump into that, a couple of quick announcements.

1. Fall Brawl: Saturday, October 22nd. It’s crazy that it’s already October. You hear people that are ahead of you in life and have wisdom saying “as you get older, time just passes faster and faster” and it really does. It’s kind of a cool thing; kind of a weird thing.

It’s our third annual Fall Brawl. We’re doing it a little bit differently. Usually, it’s a 3-week thing with a pre-test and a post-test, but we’re trying and testing different methods and will keep doing that. One of our core values is excellence, so we have to continually strive for excellence. That’s why we’re continuing to test. Is there a better way? That was one of the differentiators for Steve Jobs. His staff would come in and show him the progress they were making on the product being worked on, and he would repetitively ask “how can we make it even better?” We at Creed will continue asking ourselves that question to deliver more value to our members.

This year, we’re going to make it a 1-day competition. It’s a partner competition; one male with one female. We’re doing that to make it a little more interesting, but also to standardize and make it more fair. If we do individual competition, a lot of people would just say “I know I’m not one of the strongest, so I’m just not going to compete.” This makes it more interesting because, even if you’re not one of the strongest or fastest, you may get partnered with someone in that area. Plus, we love to promote the community aspect of Creed and the partner style fosters that community aspect that we want to build.

2. Saturday, November 5th: We’re teaming up with Bank South for a Police appreciation day for local police. They’re raising money for a non-profit that supports families of fallen Georgia officers. We’re going to do some kind of burpee challenge, but we’re still working out the details. Stay tuned for more info.

Here is the thought that I’ve been having: life really is a fight. It really is a journey. I want you to apply whichever one of those resonates with you more.

Fight: You’re in a boxing match, 12 rounds long. You have energy at the start, but you wear yourself out and take some punches. Maybe you get knocked down by your opponent, but the fight continues. You have a choice; you can lay there, or you can get up.

Journey: You’re going to start your journey with enthusiasm. You’re going to set out on your path with energy. Some paths will be smooth, some bumpy, some uphill, some downhill. Sometimes you’re going to face obstacles. Will you stop or will you find a way to get over the obstacle? You have a choice.

The idea is that fitness is a little microcosm of life. You start a fitness journey with goals, going in a certain direction, and that’s similar to life. When you start your fitness journey, usually you have a fair amount of enthusiasm and motivation. You’re going to have obstacles, like being sick. 2 weeks ago, I got sick. I missed my 4-day week goal. I faced an obstacle.

I want to give you a couple of examples from some people that I’ve seen recently. Two of them are examples of people who are making the right choice, and one of them is an example of someone maybe not making the best choice.

1. We’ve got a member who sat down with me to give me an update of where he’s at. He tweaked his back, for maybe the third time, in a workout at Creed. I’ve had these conversations with people over the years and usually the conversation goes with the person saying “I’m just not cut out for this.” I may do my best to understand the frustration and convince the person to look into why the back is tweaked. Some of it is a freak thing, but this guy has had it happen sort of repetitively. This particular member has great form, so that tells me that there’s something about this guy’s body that’s out of whack. Part of the discovery process is outside of our ability as fitness coaches. It may be that a chiropractor or physical therapist needs to step in and help out with the situation.

The point is that this guy surprised me and said “I’m not quitting. This is important to me. I’m serious about being fit and I want to life a long, healthy life.” He’s facing a repetitive obstacle and he’s choosing to persevere and continue to fight. That’s so encouraging to me. I love it.

2. I talked about this lady in my 101 recording. She comes in with a cane. It’s incredible, encouraging, and inspiring to see her open the door to our gym and walk in with a cane. She’s basically saying she’s not going to get beaten in life and she refuses to give up. The only way you fail in fitness or in life is by giving up. If you haven’t achieved your fitness goal, you haven’t failed. You’re just not there yet. You haven’t failed unless you give up. If you see her in the gym, coming in with that cane, I want you to give her a high five and be inspired by her. Such a great example of somebody who is refusing to lose.

3. Last example is of a guy who was standing at the door of Creed and peeking in. I’m assuming he was mid to upper 60s, so I walked up to him to introduce myself. He asked what all we had in here and mentioned it didn’t look like we had much in there, so I explained that we have some rowers, kettlebells, and other things. I knew what he was asking; where are all the machines? I said that we don’t use a lot of machines, so we use a lot of free-weights and body-weight stuff. He said he wants machines because he’s “too old for that other stuff.” We’ve got some B.S. (belief system) coming. I’m too old. I’m too young. I’m too tired. I’m too busy. It almost begs the question, when did you become too old?

Example: using a toilet is similar to a body-weight squat. You descend into a squat, then you stand up from a squat.

You can’t become the best version of yourself by using machines. You can be more comfortable in your workout by using machines, but you can’t become the best you possible. What he was saying, in other words, was that he’s given up hope that he can become his best self because he’s “too old for that.” In a way, he was giving up and throwing in the towel because he believes he can’t do those things.

You guys may be thinking that’s a stretch, but is it? I believe that words are powerful and they have power over your life. I don’t believe it’s a stretch. Be careful with the words that you say to yourself. That’s why “I can’t” is a curse word, and we don’t allow cursing in the gym. I called this girl out on it in the gym when we did a 2-minute bonus on burpees after a hard workout and she said “I can’t.” I said “woah, no profanity in the gym!”

Let me finish with this. If you listen to this message and think there are some things you need to work on, I encourage you to get with me. Sometimes we need a little bit of help. Sometimes we need some help just seeking clarity. That’s one of the things I’ve been doing more of lately through professional coaching. If you guys remember, back in August I got certified to be a professional coach through the John Maxwell program. I’ve been trained to help people gain more clarity or self-awareness about some of the things that may be holding them back. A lot of times, we’re just holding ourselves back because of our own belief system or because of the words we say to ourselves. It’s a conversation that you almost need someone to help you facilitate, so get with me. It is something that I do for a fee, but I’ll have one free session with you to give you an idea of what the coaching process is all about. I do charge for this service because it’s valuable. Because you guys are part of the Creed family and are already investing in your health and yourself, I give a 33% discount to Creed members on my coaching service. Again, if you need some additional help in that area, I’d be glad to help you.

Fitness is a fight. It is a journey. When you learn to navigate fitness and the obstacles, it really does help you in life. It helps you to have confidence that you can face the obstacles and win. It really does train you for life, especially when you’re working out to the degree that we are.

Alright gang, I hope you enjoyed today’s message. Get with me if you need some additional help. I look forward to seeing you this week.

Have an incredible day!