Leaving Creed WELL



Team Creed!

Welcome to another weekly edition of our audio calls. Today I’ve got a special gift. One of our beloved coaches and Creed family members, Matt, is on the call with us today.

Matt: What’s up, Creed!

Hopefully you saw our sad/happy post that we did yesterday and Matt sharing about his next phase of life, an opportunity that’s come up for him in Florida and he’s feeling like the Lord’s pulling him there.

We’re going to sadly/happily say goodbye to Matt. It spawned this idea for today’s call. One of the things that I hope and pray for, as the owner of Creed, is that every time we pick up a member or an employee, I’d love for that member to be with us forever. That’d be incredible, but I realize that the reality is you may not have an employee for twenty years. It’s not realistic. Same thing with our members. People move away, things change, maybe interests change.

The idea it brought on is this: when somebody comes to Creed, our hope and our prayer is that you would leave Creed in a better place than when you came to Creed.

Our purpose and the reason that Creed exists is “to create an environment of growth and excellence.” That’s the first sentence in our purpose statement. The second is “to be the catalyst for change in the physical, mental, and spiritual realm.”

When a member comes to Creed, we absolutely want to help you get fit and stronger. However, if that’s all you get out of Creed, we feel like we’ve done you a disservice. We want to help you think in a more healthy way and challenge your thinking. Some of you guys may have questions or interests spiritually. If you do, we’d love to go there with you. If you don’t, that’s fine too.

Every so often, I get asked the question “are you a Christian gym?” Currently all of our coaches are believers, but I wouldn’t classify us as a Christian gym. We love people that aren’t Christians and we aren’t exclusively a gym for Christians.

The reason I brought Matt on the call is because I want you guys to hear from him.

Matt, how are you leaving Creed in a better place than when you came to Creed?

There are a lot of things that could be said here. I’ve worked with Creed/Tribe for about 3 and ½ years now. When I came on board, our name was Tribe. It’s the exact same gym; Creed is the same. I came in to workout at Creed with the mentality of “I don’t like working out” and the way that I get my workouts in is “I’m just going to play basketball or ultimate frisbee”.

A friend of mine had me come to Creed and try it out. Clint trained me for about a month and gave me a good experience. I came in with expectations of not knowing how it was going to go, but I started working out. My mindset is that I’m a competitive person, but I like a challenge and different things.

When I started working out with Clint at Creed for about 5 months months before coming on staff, it grabbed my attention and made me want to be there more and get better, not just physically. I wanted to be better with who I was, how I carried myself, and how I walked in my life. I did not expect that.

The first week that Clint was training me, he said to me that he thought I’d be working for him as soon as I started working out there. Lo and behold, I get hired from Clint about 5 months later. I was so drawn to the atmosphere, culture, and the way Creed carried itself because it resonated with who I was.

Through these workouts, it’s what I wanted to go after but I also wanted to learn and be teachable. When I came on board to coach, Clint and Leah both trained me and got me into a place where I was confident and understood how we operated, how to give people the best experience, and how to do it from a place of passion.

That all came out through training and my coaching experience got better and better. A lot of my growth in the gym life of Creed was nothing like any other gym. It was a very great opportunity and experience, but a lot of my big growths in Creed were being teachable and how to teach. Also, the biggest things were the relationships and care of people that come in through all walks of life. My heart is to be relational with people and meet them right where they’re at. You as an individual in your life is what matters to me.

I grew so much in the fitness realm of developing relationships and caring for people in a way that I’ve never experienced before, but it really resonated with who I was. The culture of Creed is what I loved because it made me want to be even better in investing in teaching and giving you guys the best care possible. Basically, it’s one big family. My heart is all about family. The Lord is all about family. He invites us into a family with him.

The platform that I had at Creed and what we offered there was what really hit home with me on staying there and investing as long as I have. The growth from being able to walk out life with you guys has been tremendous, and there’s no other gym like it. It’s a place that I want to come back to and remain when I’m back in town.

The big takeaways are the relationship aspect, the teaching aspect, and the atmosphere and culture; what all walks of life come into a gym and being able to create a place where you guys can bring all of that stuff and be you, and get cared for in a way through fitness which is wanting you to better yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I care about those things and Creed definitely enhanced that for me. Those are some of the main things for me and my appreciation for being a part of Creed.

That’s some good stuff, Matt. You talked a lot about how there’s something different about Creed and that there’s really no other gym like it. That reminded me of one thing that I told myself many years ago before the old Tribe building. If anybody ever leaves Creed for whatever reason, we’ll use the example of someone leaving to go to another gym, I have a desire for someone to feel disappointed when going to a different gym.

I almost hesitate to say that because I don’t want to come off as arrogant, but the point is that I want to give our members everything we’ve got. I want to give them the absolute best and care about them better than anybody else does. So much so that if they leave and go somewhere else, they think “this is not the same.” I feel like we’ve been successful in doing that in a lot of ways. We’ve had members who’ve moved to different cities, joined gyms and said “it’s just not Creed.”

Matt, let me ask you one follow-up question. You talked a lot about growing and striving toward excellence and being a coach at Creed. What advice would you give to a new member to get the absolute most out of their experience at Creed?

I would say that, especially near the beginning of working out, the biggest thing is to give it a fair chance. Give your all into it even when you have different things that might come up and discourage you or make you not be fully there in your workouts. Life throws so many different things at you no matter where you’re at. Be faithful and true to your decision, and trust that the care we want to give you is genuine. Also, it takes longer time for certain people.
For myself, I wasn’t all in right away and that’s okay. The biggest thing there was giving a full chance and effort to work through my own ups and downs and really went after it.

Basically, just hang in there. There will be a couple of ups and downs when you first get going, but you just have to stick to the process.

There is reward for perseverance. Definitely endure whatever may come in that place because it’s worth it.

Alright Matt, thanks for sharing that with us. To all of you, Matt talked a little bit about family. We do feel like family at Creed, and that’s exactly what we want. We want to know you. With Matt leaving, we’re happy for him but it hurts in a way because we feel like we’re losing a family member.

We want you to come this Friday, we’re going to have a little party for Matt. I think we’re going to host it at our house. We’ll cook and have some food and fun, so watch out for a detailed email or text message coming up and we’ll celebrate Matt. He has another 2 weeks with us, so he’s not out the door just yet. We’ve got 2 weeks to love on him, encourage him, and send him off well.

Matt, I appreciate having you on today and I appreciate everything you’ve shared.

Alright team, we’ll be seeing you soon. Hope to see you Friday. Talk to you all later.