CREED Virtual

Now offering FULL ACCESS to the Creed Fitness Program Virtually! Get LIVE Workouts, Coaching, Expert Programming, Nutrition, Community, and Accountability for a fraction of our normal pricing!



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What is CREED Virtual?

Creed Fitness Practicing Lifts Clint Watson Creed 101

Effective Workouts

The CREED Virtual program utilizes a 45 minute high intensity workout that gets you results in a short period of time. Gone are the days of wandering around aimlessly in a gym for 90 minutes not knowing what to do or how to do it. Our members are busy, successful people and our 45 minute workout fits their schedules perfectly!

Creed Fitness Practicing Lifts Clint Watson Creed 101

LIVE Coaching

Live group workouts via zoom led by one of our top-rated coaches. Proper coaching ensures that you’re working out safely and effectively instead of wasting your time and potentially injuring yourself. Can’t make one of the Live workouts that day? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We record the first class each day so you can follow along later.

Creed fitness making progress Creed 101 Clint Watson

Empowering Community

Our secret sauce has always been the power of our community. When you’re connected with other like-minded individuals who are going after the same things in life that you are, amazing things happen. You won’t find another fitness community around that offers the same level of encouragement, accountability, and comradery. Most of our community-building happens within our Private Facebook Group.

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(Our programs are month to month. If you’re not 100% satisfied just give 30 days notice that you want to cancel!)

A Note From Founder, Clint Watson

Clint Watson - Head Coach, Owner Creed Fitness Creed 101

Dear CREED Hopeful!

I hope you will join us on the path towards becoming your very best self! I’ve seen hundreds of lives transformed by our program over the last 10+ years and I know without a shadow of a doubt that if you want it bad enough, you can achieve ANY and EVERY goal you have!

I’ve always wanted to make our exceptional program more accessible (financially and location-wise) and the COVID-19 situation has created that opportunity!  Here are a few things I’ve learned amidst this new world we’re living in..

  • Fitness and Health have NEVER been more important. As a society we have all know this for years, but this new virus has placed our own mortality right in our face and I’m glad!  This is the kick in the pants that many people have needed to finally get fit.
  • The desire and need for community is at an ALL TIME HIGH. Sometimes you don’t realize how bad you need something until it’s taken away from you. I can’t tell you how many of our members have told me directly how important it is to be plugged in to the CREED community during this time.
  • The most common excuse for not getting fit has been taken away for a lot of people. “I’m too busy”. For many, now is the PERFECT TIME to build in fitness as a daily routine.

We promise 3 things about our program…

  1. These workouts will be the most effective workouts you’ve ever done.
  2. Your FAVORITE part will be the camaraderie, and the fun, team atmosphere.
  3. You might miss out unless you act now – we are only accepting 30 CREED Virtual members at our introductory price point. Don’t miss out!

If you have any questions about Creed Virtual, please contact me via email at or text “Creed Virtual Info” to 706-614-7160.

To your fitness success,

Clint Watson, Owner