Hey Gang!

With Fall Brawl upon us, I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of competition. The Creed coaches talk about this idea a lot because we are serious about keeping a HEALTHY level of competition at Creed.


We believe a healthy degree of competition in our workouts can be extremely beneficial for our members. When used correctly, it can be the one element that motivates you to get a little uncomfortable in your workouts.

And remember, getting uncomfortable in your workout should be your goal. If you’re working out in your comfort zone, you’re not making tons of progress. You’ve got to push the envelope a little in order to make your body change. (Hopefully we’ve smashed this into your brains by now!)

Notice how I keep talking about “healthy” competition? Here are a few do’s and don’ts to ensure that you’re keeping it healthy and not slipping into an unhealthy form of competitiveness…

Competition Do’s:

1. Think about competition as a way to push you towards PERSONAL progress. At the end of the day, does it really matter if someone beats you in a workout?
2. Congratulate others when they beat you. Let their level of fitness INSPIRE you to improve in your own fitness.
3. When you lose, use it as an opportunity to grow and improve. Losing should produce these questions… “What can I be doing better? Could I be more consistent? Could I push myself a little harder in my workouts? Could I be eating a little cleaner?”
4. Have fun! Most people don’t have an outlet for their competitive nature. Usually after high school sports come to an end, that’s the end of their competitive career. This is a sad reality!

Competition Don’ts:
(If you find yourself struggling with any of the following, your competitiveness has reached an unhealthy level)

1. Don’t question other people’s scores or suspect them of cheating. Always¬†assume the best about others, not the worst.
2. Don’t compare yourself negatively to others. Don’t let losing inspire a “woe is me” attitude.
3. Be aware of negative self-talk. When you compare yourself to others in an unhealthy way, it can create negative internal conversations with yourself like “I suck” or “I’ll never be good at _____” or “I hate this exercise”. These types of conversations with yourself will only make you feel bad and diminish your effectiveness in the gym.
4. Check your pride. If you win, watch out for pride! Don’t let winning make you think too highly of yourself. Instead of using the positive energy from winning to build yourself up, use that energy to build up others.
5. Check your pride #2. This one is tricky. Don’t say to yourself “I’m not competing” or “I don’t want to compete”. I’ve found that this is a deep down, hidden pride issue. I believe that people who say this are already in a state of unhealthy comparison with others, so in an effort to preserve their self-esteem and prevent negative self comparison, they bow out of all forms of competition. The better thing to do if you struggle with this is to work on developing some of the “Competition Do’s” listed above rather than just avoiding competition altogether. Remember, a HEALTHY level of competition can do wonders for you!

There you have it gang. I hope this article helps clear up why we use competition at Creed and inspires you to embrace HEALTHY competition in your workouts!

– Coach Clint