What’s up, Creed?  Clint Watson back here with another edition of Coaches’ Corner.  Today I want to talk to you about doing events outside of the gym, like 5K races or mud runs or Spartan races – you see all these things that people do and have a lot of fun with. There’s a reason why you see so many of these events.  They’re a ton of fun, they help you break the monotony, and just sort-of reinvigorate your fitness program.

One cool thing that you still have some time to sign up for is the Chick-fil-A Half Marathon here in Athens, and it’s happening next weekend, April 5th, so you’ve got some time to sign up for this.  Again, doing things like this outside of your regular workout routine is great.  For somebody who works out a lot, it’s great to do something like this just to kind-of break the monotony, have some fun, compete a little bit.  If you’re somebody who doesn’t work out a lot, signing up for an event could just be something that would motivate you to really get going on a fitness program.

Again, you can sign up – maybe not for the Half, maybe for the 5K or the 1-mile run, something like that – you don’t even have to run the whole thing.  Just get through it; make it your goal just to start and to finish.  So, outside events, races, 5K’s, Spartan races, mud runs – these things are great and it’s an awesome thing to throw in and mix things up for your fitness regimen.

Try it out, guys… April 5th, Chick-fil-A Half Marathon!