How you can be like an Olympian.



Hello, team Creed!

I hope you’re having an incredible day. Think about how many days a week you have that are incredible. What if now it’s only 1 every other 2 weeks? How would your lives change if 2, 3, or even 4 were incredible? How life changing would that be? Getting excited already.

Before we dive in, I have a couple of quick announcements…

You may have seen our challenge to rise get posted last Friday. Check it out, guys. This challenge is specifically for you if you’re trying to lose weight and body fat. That’s what the challenge is designed for. It’s not necessarily designed for someone who’s trying to increase muscle tone or increase strength. This is more of a nutrition-related challenge. We’re kind of viewing this as a launching pad. If your goal is to make it to the moon, you can’t make it to the moon without a successful launch. We’re trying to help people launch towards a better place nutrition-wise.

Challenge to rise and the next Creed 101 begin at the end of August. Remember to let your friends and family members know if they’re thinking about Creed but are a little nervous or scared.

Today’s message is about high caliber olympic athletes. Olympics are super entertaining to watch which got me thinking, why? There’s something cool about seeing people who are on top of their game; seeing the best of the best. We want to see people operate at their best as coaches at Creed.

Our purpose at Creed is to create an environment that fosters growth and excellence, and to be the catalyst for change in our member’s bodies, minds, and spirits. That is why Creed exists. We want to see you succeed in more than just fitness.

I’ve been working with a professional coach for the last couple of months and it’s really been changing my mindset. In a coaching session a few days ago, I came to this awareness. One of the things that bothers me the most is the gap between where I am/where a person is and the potential that I see in that person. That gap drives me nuts. I am passionate about closing the gap between the current reality and the potential.

What’s cool about olympic athletes is that they have come closer to achieving their true potential than most people ever will. They’ve worked for it. Two things that are similar between olympic athletes: they are genetically gifted in their particular sport and they all have worked their tails off to nurture/develop that gift. Their whole life revolves around their sport.

It’s easy to see these guys and their potential/giftings because it’s a little bit more clear. Corey Tiller, as an example: dude is strong as an ox. Some people are gifted in physical strength, some people are gifted in arts and are super creative, and some people are gifted intellectually.

Some people are gifted in loving others. This is not a natural gift of mine, but it’s an area where I’ve seen tremendous growth since I accepted Christ at age 24. That had a big impact on the way I saw the world, but it’s taken a lot of time to nurture and develop that part of me. I’ve always gravitated more towards caring for myself. I’m not gifted at caring for others, like Coach Michelle.

I want you guys to realize that you’ve been created with certain gifts. I also want to challenge and encourage you guys to not take them for granted; nurture and develop them. The natural gifts you have are from God, and what you do with those gifts are your giftings back to God.

Be passionate about excellence and growth in your life. What are you doing to be excellent? Are you just accepting average? I really hope you’re not, but I don’t think that you are since you’re on this call. You can probably think of some people in your life who do, and I think it’s also your responsibility to bring them up and call them forward. Don’t allow average in your life or in the people you surround yourself with.

If you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time around, it can be a scary thought. Leah and I have had to make some hard choices in this area. Sometimes there can be some hurt feelings, but I want people around me who lift me rather than lean on me. Don’t take this to the extreme though. Don’t shun everyone who needs help because we’re called to help others. There comes a point where people are responsible for changing themselves.

Reflect on your life. Identify some gaps or untapped potential. Is there room for growth in the gym or in your eating habits? Would you say your eating habits are excellent? Would you describe your relationship with your significant other as excellent, or is there a gap? I want to urge you to close that gap. You only get one life. This is not a dress rehearsal. Eleanor Roosevelt said that life is like a parachute jump, you only get one try. Let’s take every day seriously and live a life that pursues our potential.

Guys, thanks for listening and thank you for the feedback. My purpose for these calls is to add value to your life and I want to help any way I can, so the feedback helps. Let me know if there’s a certain topic that you have questions about.

Go crush the day. Have an incredible day. Have an exceptional day. Have a fantastic day. Whatever your word is, you’re not going to get another day like this. Alright team, love you guys and see you soon!