From couch potato to Creed Fitness Fall Brawl winner (just last weekend!), Alysen has seen huge changes in the way she views life and her body. She has the right mindset, and she is here to inspire us all to continue showing up. To continue pressing forward. To continue coming to the gym even though the workouts are hard. To start moving if you’ve been sitting stagnant. To invest time and effort into accomplishing goals. And, to step out of your comfort zone.

Enjoy listening to Alysen’s story, just like we enjoy working out alongside her and seeing her push through challenging workouts to become better.

Alysen is one of our most dedicated and consistent Creeders of all time. Her hard work and determination over 5+ years with us inspires Creed members and coaches alike! Thank you Alysen for the way you embrace and embody the “Creed Way.” – Clint Watson