Good personal trainers are hard to find! Unfortunately, any bum can go online, get certified, and call him or herself a personal trainer, but it takes a highly skilled and passionate individual to change a person’s life.

When you’re looking for a personal trainer, the trainer’s accolades don’t mean nearly as much as his/her personality traits. Losing weight, toning up, and feeling better will take energy, time, and effort on both of your parts, so it’s important that your trainer is capable of giving you the support YOU need throughout the entire process.

Creed trainers are taught to nurture/develop these 5 essential personality traits:

1. Servanthood

Personal trainers are responsible for the most hands on personal service on the planet. We deal with people who need our help. Many of our clients are uncomfortable in their own skin, and our job is to change that. The way we do this is by meeting them where they are. Your needs are vastly different from any friend’s needs and you should be treated according to those specific needs. A really awesome personal trainer puts YOU before him/herself and completely serves YOU in an effort to meet YOUR needs.

2. The ability to LISTEN

The worst trainers in the world are the ones who constantly talk. Truly great trainers LISTEN. Not only should your trainer listen to your feedback within the workout, but your trainer should also be interested in what is going on in your life. Your life circumstances play a vital role in your fitness regimen and your trainer should take note of these things. Your trainer should also pay attention to what you like and make adjustments to your fitness program accordingly. If your trainer is doing his/her job, you should feel understood by your trainer.

3. Patience

Fitness is a journey. It’s not a walk in the park–it’s more like climbing Mount Everest. There are obstacles, frustrations, and setbacks along the way. A great trainer is patient and understanding with you throughout the process. A trainer that is truly skilled can masterfully balance patience with a motivating attitude that can differentiate between real obstacles and excuses. This is one of the most difficult aspects of personal training.

4. Teachability/Humility

The fitness industry is smothered with know-it-all fitness experts and egotistical trainers. When interviewing potential personal trainers, I know immediately what kind of potential they have to succeed based on this single attribute. Trainers who think they already know everything about exercise and nutrition are the ones whose future is dim. If your trainer thinks he/she knows it all, RUN! You don’t know what you’re missing.

5. Optimism/Energy

For most people, fitness is not fun. It takes effort, pain, sweat, and discomfort to make progress. In addition, people have lives that are exhausting. Time is limited, stressors are plenty, and the demands on an individual can be overwhelming. When you come in for a workout feeling tired and drained, energy and optimism from your trainer is ESSENTIAL! I like to describe the trainer/client relationship as a mirror. If the trainer is optimistic and energetic, their energy will reflect onto their client.

Nobody is perfect, myself included, but at Creed we strive for perfection and we expect our staff of trainers to do the same. We are committed to providing a service that is worth far beyond what our clients pay.